International Business Development

General information



What does Magellan Company produce?   

Board games that people always want to buy.

What is the difference of these games?

  • They look good in the shops and attract attention
  • They are interesting and easy to explain
  • It is more than pleasant to keep them in hands (there is hardly a company that may state the same about their games)
  • Every games causes a feeling of delight that later makes new customers come in the shops


The main principles of games publishing

  • Long-lasting testing using a wide sample of players. No game comes into production without testing. On average, only one game of ten possible with ready prototypes is chosen
  • Quality components: every game notwithstanding its price level is made in strict compliance with the European quality standards
  • Well-recognizable boxes: Company’s production always shows up among the rest
  • Clear instructions written in simple and understandable language
  • Our main goal is to hear “WOW” from the players after the first game set.