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Zomber Geek

Zomber Geek
  • Board Game Geek
2-5 players 30 minutes From 16 years old


—    You'll want to play again and again

—    Play all evening long

—    Play with the whole family

About the game:

Lost in the forest, you come to a house full of various monsters. Run around the house, look for useful items, barricade windows and doors, use first aid kits, and of course, kill those damned zombies. Your objective: get to the red truck and leave this place. Alive, if possible.

A great  game for:

—    zombie movie lovers

—    players who appreciate simple, attractive tactical games

—    the whole family, especially with dad (the designer created this game for his son)

—    a trip, a cafe, or in the country

—    playing with friends during long evenings

—    players who appreciate well-made, high-quality board games

What's great about Zombergeek?  

—    Playable with children. Of course, the game is about zombies – but it is not scary and bloody. This game is designed to make you think, not to make you be cruel.

—    If you have been eaten, you still keep playing – but on the Zombie side!

—    Hey look, some boards! Barricade that room full of monsters.

—    Very simple gameplay. Within 5 minutes, all players start attacking zombies, escaping the house, and having fun.


—    Large game board

—    28 monster tiles

—    11 weapon tiles

—    16 item tiles

—    40 heart counters

—    Special Spinner

—    Game rules



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