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The woods

The woods
1+ players 10-15 minutes From 6 years old


A tower building game.

The woods is played with 54 wooden blocks; each block is 3 times as long as it is wide, and slightly smaller in height than in width. The blocks are stacked in a tower formation; each story is three blocks placed adjacent to each other along their long side, and each story is placed perpendicular to the previous

Once the tower is built, the person who built the tower moves first. Moving in The Woods consists of taking one and only one block from any story except the completed top story of the tower at the time of the turn, and placing it on the topmost story in order to complete it.

The game ends when the tower falls in any significant way -- in other words, any piece falls from the tower, other than the piece being knocked out to move to the top. The loser is the person who made the tower fall; the winner is the person who moved before the loser.

Contents 54 wooden blocks


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