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Don't rock the boat!

Don't rock the boat!
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As soon as you open the box, the band of penguin pirates, anxiosly waiting the sea voyage to begin, will pop right at you. Next to them there will be a large vessel. All what is left - to seat brave sailors on the deck and masts and go to the long voyage.

The ship is put on special hinge, which rocks it quite severely. Your objective is to take penguins and put them very carefully on the deck or the masts, trying not to rock the ship. Each next penguin have to be put on deck even more carefully than the previous, immediately thinking through how its weight will affect the ship.



—    As a gift for children.

—    All grown-up party.

—    Office - to have a quality time during break.

By the way, just like in "Jenga", in "Don't rock the boat", you can play on wishes - who drops everything at once, have to do something amusing.



—    A three-masted ship, where you have to put penguins.

—    16 daring sailors.

—    A sea-wave looking stand (in 2 parts).

—    Rules.


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