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7 ate 9 Multi

7 ate 9 Multi
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2-6 players 7-9 minutes From 9 years old


Classical "7 ate 9" was conceived as a simple child's play on arithmetic, but it turned out to be so interesting that it was very quickly used by adults. Do not learn to count, but just quickly and noisily to play. In "7 for 9 multi" everything became a little more complicated: now you do not need to add numbers, but multiply them. The rest of the rules are the same: there are no moves and you need to fold your cards as quickly as possible, watching the chaos happening on the table.

For whom this game?

—    For parents whose child is just learning the multiplication table.

—    "To sit around for mad mathematicians."

—    An excellent option for a friendly company on the road or on the cottage.

—    As a gift to a very young businessman.


—    61 cards with multiplier numbers and digits-answers.

—    Small rules with illustrations.


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