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Primate fear

Primate fear
2-6 players 30-60 minutes From 12 years old


Time to get the rules: 10 minutes


"Primate fear" is a parody card game, in which you have to build towers from trash to get out of undead apes' vicinity.

You thought work at the junkyard can be a lot of fun - fresh air, friendly co-workers and you can save all the cool scrap you can find? No chance! And so, one day, you are sitting on the edge of sarcophagus, balancing on the top of guillotine, stuck in the giant web, trying to run away from the bloodthirsty undead ape, which have just caught one of your co-workers... It sure wasn't in the labour contract! Creepy mist and constant human screams are not helping either.



—    120 cards - all that cool and rad stuff, you can find at the junkyard at night

—    6 player chips in diff. colours for your friends and you

—    1 Undead Ape chip - it gonna find ya!

—    Elevation field - so that every player knew where he is

—    7 body parts of the undead ape - when it finally is in one piece, you'd better run for it!

—    Assembly field (where body parts of undead ape are put together)

—     A die (for difficult situations)

—    Rules·


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