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7 ate 9. 2nd edition

7 ate 9. 2nd edition
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2-4 players 4 minutes From 8 years old


Math race!

The simple party game "7 ate 9" localization. The game stands out against a background of simple card games with no turns supposed: all actions are real-time.

The main goal is to fold your hand. Each cards has a number and a modifier, for example 7 plus-minus 2. Accordingly, you are allowed to put either 5 or 9 over this card. The new card also has a modifier. So, there is a persistent chain of cards extending the deck.

The numbers from 1 to 10 are used. By the additional rules you can substract from one and add to ten, for instance, 10+3=3 (the ten is lopped off) and 2-3=9 (adding ten to the first number: 12-3=9).

We rewrite rules and made new design for the box. 


—    73 cards with number

—    Rules

A game by Maureen Hiron.


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