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2-10 players 20-40 minutes From 6 years old


Compact child’s game about how to create magic animals. You have got a playing area with the pieces of different animals and space for two future natural relicts. You should take the pieces from the playing area and try to assemble the animals maximum similar with the real animals.

So, I can create anyone?

Yes, adding flappers and shell to the rhinoceros is not a problem. Still, a new animal will feel confused and, consequently, you will receive less scores than if you create a complete rhinoceros or complete turtle. So, the game’s strategy is to find correctly the lacking pieces and to choose properly what and where to put.

One may take the cards from the playing area according to defined rules. If your choose optimal details and prevent your rivals from creating a whole animal, you receive more score. The more complicated the form is, the more interesting game you have: grown-ups should play with big playing areas, children – with the simply one – 3 * 3.

Where can I play Zoomagic?

In trip, at home, in café and in guests. Actually, it is a good family game for the youngest and a nice thing for those who look for an interesting gift for a child.

What’s inside the box?

—    72 cards with the fragments of different merry animals.
—    Rules with clear illustrations of the game process.



Photo .rar (1.64 mb) rar