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Jackal Archipelago: Isle of Friday

Jackal Archipelago: Isle of Friday

What is this?

This is a new island for Jackal Archipelago.

A completely new adventure on the Isle of Friday awaits you. You will need to shuffle this set with other sets that you already have to create even bigger islands. 

The base game is required to play it.

What’s inside this box?

—    4 coins

—    4 messages in bottles

—    11 new island tiles

—    3 new ability cards

—    New character - Friday and his figure.

—    Additional rules which bring new features to the game. You can stick them to your base game rulebook. 

—    Unique tiles of this set - a unique encounter with an amiable aboriginal called Friday, and intricate crossroads.

Game on, captain


photo .rar (3.24 mb) rar