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Mindmaze: Money, Fame and Power

Mindmaze: Money, Fame and Power

25 games of power
You have 25 stories of people doing extraordinary things for money, power and fame. Unpack the cards, choose the presenter and check out how deep can you get inside the ambitious careerist mind. Remember: the only questions allowed are those with the answers “Yes”, “No” or “Doesn't matter”.

How does the presenter answer?
Unlike the other players he sees both sides of the card and therefore knows the whole story. The others know only a part of it – they find out the rest using logic.

How mane questions are allowed?
As many as you need in training mode, but keep in mind that in a serious game the fewer questions you ask the more real is your chance to become the most perspicacious among your friends.

Where to play?
In a trip, on vacation, in cafe, with your family or even at work. You will definitely learn something new about your colleagues!


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