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Qwirkle Cards

Qwirkle Cards
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2-4 players 10-20 minutes From 8 years old


In terms of its gameplay, Qwirkle Cards plays somewhat like Rummikub, with players laying down cards/tiles from their hand onto the table and possibly moving things around to create new sets.

On a turn, a player must add at least one card to the table. When she plays, she can play as many cards as she likes as long as they share a color or symbol. She can create a new set if she plays at least three cards or she can add her cards to existing sets. On her turn, she can move cards from one set to another, possibly using these cards with cards that she plays in order to create a new set.

The point of this gameplay is to create qwirkles, that is, a set of six cards that contains either each symbol in a single color or each color in a single symbol. When a player creates a qwirkle, she claims this set from the table. After a player's turn, she refills her hand to nine cards.

The game continues until the deck runs out of cards. Each player then takes one final turn, including the one who took the final card, then whoever has claimed the most qwirkles wins!


—    108 cards

—    Rules


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