International Business Development


4-16 players 30-45 minutes From 12 years old


Explain words by gestures, drawings or associations. If succeeded, you make a move on the game board towards finish. But remember this: every team has its own goals and you can put traps for others!

Crocodile is even more fun now!

—    Traps can be set up on the way of others

—    You make your own choice how to get to finish

—    New exciting challenging cards

—    Would you dare to mime with your eyes shut, explain with accent, or draw, moving paper instead of pencil?

—    The game is the real party blockbuster now, nuff said.

—    All in all, the box is full of high spirits!

—    Cheerful companies

—    Parties and celebrations

—    Playing at friends house

—    Playing in the office after work or on corporate party

—    Playing in cafe

—    Have fun in the long trip

—    As a gift for cordial person


—    Game field with different roads to victory

—    4 croc-chips in diff. colours to move around the field

—    90 "Explain" objective cards

—    90 "Show" objective cards

—    90 "Draw" objective cards

—    30 traps/bonuses cards

—    10 round "trap" chips

—    Sketchbook for drawing (so you don't waste yours)

—    4 pencils

—    An hourglass

—    Rules with examples

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