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Crocodile. Mini

Crocodile. Mini
3-16 players 30 minutes From 12 years old


You can take this compact set wherever you want - to long trip, cafe or meeting with friends. This is mini edition of popular party game - Crocodile. Lesser size of cards and lesser size of box. Now Crocodile in your pocket. 

—    Takes about 30 seconds to understand rules.

—    Fun, noisy and sociable.

—    For any company.

—    You'd better not forget to put a video of this on tube!


—    30 cards with tasks, of which:

·10 "Explain" objective cards;

·10 "Show" objective cards;

·10 "Draw" objective cards.

—    3 finish cards

—    Rules.


photo .rar (5.18 mb) rar