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4-16 players 45-60 minutes From 10 years old


A rowdy game for a party of friends of explaining famous persons.

How to play?

1. Several cards with persons are distributed.
2. The famous ones are selected and are left in the common pack.
3. During one go the team has a right to take the card out of the pack, try to explain it and in case of success to take the next card till the sandglass will empty.
4. The team which explains better by the results of three rounds is the winner.

The first round – explanation in words, e.g. “A boy whose nose gets longer when he lies”, the second round – in dumb show (to show a nose or something else), the third round – in one word: “nose”.

Why don’t the players digress during others’ go? 

They don’t digress because during the game set the same cards are used, i.e. unlike the other party games all the players are in game even during another team’s go: most probably they in the next round or immediately during next go they will have to explain the person that another team has failed to explain. It is also important to keep all the personages in mind because they are passing from one round to another.

Whom is this game destined to?

Boom suites ideally the parties (it is rowdy and for any group of people), it is good in trip (doesn’t require a table), is often used as an office game (contributes to teambuilding) and also suites the children for personal enrichment. As far as the box contains a big book with the personages this game may also be used as a family educative one.

What is inside the box?

— 200 cards with the personages names, 1200 names totally
— 16 cards for ballot
— Sandtimer
— Guidelines with a manual and a table
— Marker
— A trip-sack


Photo .rar (5.68 mb) rar