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2-5 players 30-40 minutes From 12 years old


Takes only 5 minutes/one game to explain



This game is asymmetric. It’s one player against the rest of the table. All players are Astronauts except for one of them who is an Alien. The Astronauts are weaker, but they are many, and everyone has a trick up his/her sleeve. The Alien is stronger, yet it is alone. Every round you roll the die, move your character across the spaceship and make an action. The Astronauts win if they kill the Alien and destroy its Eggs. The Alien wins if it kills all the Astronauts.


—    7 big Character cards. They represent the characters that you will play.

—    4 miniatures of Astronauts in suits. When found, those suits are quite helpful!

—    4 miniatures of Astronauts without suits.  Just the way they start the game. 

—    4 Suit tokens. Use them to protect yourself from the Alien and walk in space.

—    3 Alien Form miniatures: small, medium and huge. The last one is the scariest!

—    5 plastic bases for the Alien and the Astronauts.

—    1 Alien Eggs token. The Alien can use it to regenerate Lives and revive.

—    4 Alien Web tokens. These will slow the Astronauts down.

—    4 Weapon tokens (a blaster, a plasma gun, a flamethrower, and a railgun with a scope). Use them to shoot the Alien.

—    6 Broken! tokens. Use them to mark broken objects.

—    Spaceship gameboard

—    20 Life tokens. They show how much you can still handle.

—    A die that will tell you whether you hit your target or not.

—    Rulebook


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