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6-20 players 40-120 minutes From 14 years old


This is a classical edition of “Mafia”. The kit contains 26 cards (with a maniac), as well as tournament and training rules. The connoisseurs of this game will surely get interested in the scheme of tournament plans originally destined for diplomats training.


The design is traditionally severe, i.e. maximally convenient for a serious game in a trained group.

The essence of the game is in psychological search of “mafia” by civilians in terms of constantly decreasing number of the latter.

The game is edited in three versions: with paper and plastics cards, and also a premium version with the illustrated manual in spirit of “the old mafia”. Plastic cards are waterproof, serve for a long time, are not marked and may be folded without any defects. It is better to choose plastic cards iа you intend to play “Mafia” often in large groups.

The premium version is provided with a detailed game instruction including the descriptive characteristics of personages and a special notebook for a leader in the back part of book with the rules. The premium version will enable convenient playing at corporate events. It still also be an excellent present for a chief or for a good friend.

Keep in mind that professionals use the masks in game. They are also edited in a separate box and are among the low-cost in this market. A big box of 10 masks looks like a bottle of expensive whisky from apart, it will surely help you to bring absolutely new atmosphere to the game and to make it much more serious and interesting. In other words, you have to play it to understand how cool it is.


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