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Kids go wild

Kids go wild
  • Board Game Geek
2-6 players 20-40 minutes From 5 years old


1 minute to explain the rules


Fast and funny


About the game

Kids Go Wild is an unusual children’s game where the children themselves invent at least half of the tasks.

The aim of the game is very simple. You must roll a die to move across the playing field, gathering cards and completing unusual tasks. 

The first one to make it to the finish wins.

There will be racing around, games of hide and go seek, jumping on the sofa and other funny stuff that’ll remain in your memory.

Who should buy this game?

—    This is an excellent game for families with children aged between 4 and 10.

—    Are you going to visit friends who have children? Take Kids Go Wild with you.

—    Great for children’s parties. 

—    Or simply as a gift for caring and fun-loving parents.


—    Game board 

—    98 unusual task cards

—    Six-sided die

—    6 player tokens

—    Rules