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Jackal Archipelago

Jackal Archipelago
1-4 players 60-120 minutes From 6 years old


About the Game

“Jackal” is a strategic tabletop board game with simple and elegant game mechanics. Since the tiles that make up the field of play are always laid out in random order, “Jackal” is never the same game twice. “Jackal” is above all else a game of skill. The outcome of any given session will largely depend on the players' respective logical and strategic abilities rather than luck. All this makes “Jackal” an interesting and exciting game that you'll want to play again and again. 

How to play

You control three pirates who can move around the island, explore (by flipping over unexplored tiles), haul treasure, do battle with rival pirates, or perform special actions – such as meeting natives, garrisoning a fort, or even taking flight in a hot-air balloon. To win the game, you must not only find the Jackal's buried treasure, but you must also successfully bring it back to your ship. A careless pirate's luck may be but fodder for a crafty pirate's guile: one of the most interesting strategies in the game lies in intercepting an opponent's pirates while they are carrying gold, or cunningly poaching poorly guarded piles of coins.


—    66 square terrain tiles

—    4 square boat tiles

—    4 pirate crew (red, yellow, black and white)

—    19 coins of equal value

—    12 ability cards

—    5 messages in bottles

—    Pirate ability stickers

—    10 puzzle cards for the single-player variant

—    Missionary piece

—    Bear piece

—    6-sided die

—    Rulebook



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