International Business Development

For game developers



Magellan is one of the largest Russian board games publishers co-operating with developers. You may do the following:

  • To send your idea to to discuss the possibility of printing your game.
  • To bring the ready prototype for testing and possible further publishing of the board game.
  • And, finally, to use our production powers for printing a finished game by making an order for printing and components. You address us like a printing office, but taking into account the fact that we produce also boxes, chips, cubes, figures, sandtimers and other small useful things.

I’ve got an idea!

It’s excellent, but we deal only with the games prototypes. Prototype is a thing by means of which it is possible to play, even if it is made of napkins with rugged inscriptions.

Do we need ready design?

Preferably, we do. We deal only with extremely interesting projects without illustrations.

What is the percentage of publishings?

Approximately each tenth-twelfth of offered games comes into work. We hold strict selection: one hit game in every category.

What else should we know?

  • The author gets established percentage of sells during all period of sales.
  • The name of the author is mentioned in the games data out.
  • Executive property rights are delegated to “Magellan”.
  • Here you may find some other details of the process.

What are the requirements for prototype?

  • It includes all game components and a box for them not to get disseminated.
  • It includes the rules of the game enabling strangers to play with it.
  • The box includes a covering list of established format.

Where to write?