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5 second rule

5 second rule
3-6 players 20 minutes From 8 years old


In this game you have to answer questions like "name 3 rock bands", "name 3 wars", "name 3 coffee brands" and so on. There are only 5 seconds to answer such question - you have to think quickly!

5 seconds are measured by the specially designed timer with small metal balls rolling to the bottom each time you turn it upside down.

—      385 two-sided question cards.
—      12 pass cards and 12 change cards.
—      6 player tokens.
—      Deck box.
—      Game board.
—      Spiral timer.
—      Rulebook.

The game is presented in a big bright box. We recommend to play this european and american
bestseller with your family or on a party.


A game by Michael Sistrunk.



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