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Rumble in the house

Rumble in the house
3-6 players 30 minutes From 8 years old



"Rumble in the house" is very easy. There is a house - game field of 12 rooms, each can be cojoined with others in any fashion. 12 characters live there, but only 2 of them are yours, and nobody (except you) knows who. Main goal is to make everything, so that your characters stayed in game as long as they can. The problem is every player can move any piece...

Bluff! Yes - every player will try to deduce what characters are yours and try to kick them out. You will do the same... Show your intentions too obviously - wait for unwanted guests. Hide them effectively to the end - win!


How to play:

There are three simple rules:

1.      Wander around the house and kick out your neighbours

2.      Protect your covert characters

3.      Be that last man standing inside



—    12 rooms

—    12 characters

—    12 covert character chips

—    6 tokens to count points

—    6 player tokens in diff. colours

—    Points meter

      —    Rules·


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