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Wits & Wagers

Wits & Wagers

This game contains 700 questions with numerical answers. The most surprising thing is that you can win even if you don't know any of them.

“Wits & Wagers” game process is as follows:

1. The question is read, for example, “How long did the Hundred Years' War last?”

2. The players write down their answers, suppose they are 95, 100, 115, and 150.

3. The answers are taken to the mat resembling a casino table.

4. You place bets on the most like numbers.

5. The right answer is read. It's 116, the closest version (115) wins, you gain points if you have placed a bet on it.

You just can't stop reading questions: you will find out how many paintings did Van Gogh sell at life, how much did the fattest cat weigh, what is the percentage of male prisoners world-wide and many other.


— Felt betting mat.
— 90 plastic poker chips.
— 100 question cards.
— 14 player betting chips.
— 7 dry-erase boards.
— 7 dry-erase pens.
— 1 sand timer.
— Rules manual.


A game by Dominic Crapuchettes.



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