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Yorsh. Sauna

Yorsh. Sauna
4-9 players 20-40 minutes From 18 years old



Can I play it in the sauna?

Of course you can, but it's more convenient to play it at home.

The game suits perfectly for the company of 4 to 9 people (girls and guys both, preferrably). The box contains a bunch of crazy tasks, but the only rule is do or drink! Are you ready for the wildest party in your life? Let's get this party started!


—    Cheerful companies

—     Daredevils, who like strange tasks

—    Party or celebration. Yorsh will take it from there.

—     Bar, cafe, friends visit and even without any occassion.

—     Long trip, especially if you are going to use alco-teleportation.

—    As a gift for the most boisterous guy or the shy girl.

—    Foreigners, afraid of tough russian games.

—    People already having a standart edition of Yorsh - the tasks are even cooler in Sauna!


—    95 tasks and bonuses cards

—    5 "The Bear Has Come" cards

—    Game rules


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