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Warp 6

Warp 6
2-3 players 30  minutes From 12 years old


Time to get: 3 minutes.

Develops spatial thinking.


The epic battle at the other corner of the Galaxy is to decide fates of many worlds. You have reserve ships which can affect the outcome of battle. The only way to get close to the battlefield is using the hyperspace tunnel, which lies within the very centre of the supermassive and dangerous black hole. The first flotilla, that forwarded the ships to entrance to the warp tunnel.wins the battle.

In "Warp 6" you use the sets of dice every turn to shift ships with regard to each other. It's a game of logic, where you must utilize the possibilities of your turn (numbers on the dice) at max to achieve the best results. Stay closer to your ships, use energy fields of enemy ships and at any costs move to the centre of the black hole!



—    Game field with warp-map of the vicinity of the black hole (printed on fabric)

—    2 black octahedral dice

—    3 black hexaedral dice

—    4 black tetrahedral dice

—    2 white octahedral dice

—    3 white hexaedral dice

—    4 white tetrahedral dice

—    1 yellow octahedral die

—    2 yellow hexaedral dice

—    3 yellow tetrahedral dice

—    Rules



—    Trips and picnics - fabric game field unfolds easily wherever you want.

—    Cafe: you'll have something to pass the time with friends.

—    Visiting friends - "Warp 6" is a great logic game.

—    Family: game develops spatial thinking.

—    As a gift to fans of good clever games and sci-fi.


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