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Neuroshima Hex!

Neuroshima Hex!
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1-4 players 30 minutes From 13 years old



Neuroshima Hexturn-based tactic board game for 1 to 4 players. Earth is in ruins - the aftermath of the last total war, the biggest and the most annihilating of all. Each player controls one army, struggling for supremacy in a dark and sandy dystopian future.

Moloch - monstrous artificial intelligence, creator of invincible machine army.

Outpost - humankind's last hope, a city on the wheels, moving around the wasteland and trying to stop the advance of this deadly AI.

Borgo - an army of mutants, headed by powerful leader, who united them under his dark origin.

Hegemony - the lands, where gangs rule. The place where the power and the right is the same thing. The game requires fast decision making skill and wits. You must carefully think over your moves, plan your strategy and react promptly to any battlefield change.


This Russian edition corresponds to third edition of "Neuroshima Hex!". The kit also includes 55 tactics studies for advancing your skills of commanding officer.


—    People, who like difficult strategic games

—    The ones, who is not afraid to waste the whole army in one turn

—    Home collection - this is one of the best tactic games in the world (3rd edition speaks for itself)

—    Fans of cyber-punk, nuclear apocalypse and robots

—    As a gift for young commander

—    All, who simply like interesting, breath-taking and beautiful board games



—    Game field

—    30 wound tokens

—    8 commanding post tokens

—    10 net tokens

—    35 "Moloch" army chips

—    35 "Outpost" army chips

—    35 "Borgo" army chips

—    35 "Hegemony" army chips

—    4 memory cards.

—    4 commanding post damage counters.

—    4 spare army chips

—    Rules

—    55 additional studies·            


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