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2 players 20-40 minutes From 8 years old


Calm and cozy game for those who appreciate hasteless talk, home warm and a chance to spend a nice time with your soulmate or a good friend.

Who invented Kalaha?

Oriental caravanners, moreover they did it long time before Christ. They ride the camels and went to Egypt and Mesopotamia where they played Kalaha during stops or straight in the wagons. The game is actually sodden with the oriental spirit: it is wise, rather calm and suiting tea conversations.

How to play?

To put the stones to the board’s holes according to two simple rules. The rules are studies almost for 30 seconds, but real mastership comes only after lots of sets. The fact is that one needs to be very attentive to play Kalaha well: for instance, taking the stones out of the hole one mustn’t count them: one should just seize everything with his sight or to remember the stones’ number during the game.

Oh, stones!

Yes, the kit contains plenty of stones (semiprecious, i.e. used for jewelry). They are nice for touch and really make girls crazy.

Whom is this game destined to?

— A nice gift for a creative girls.
— Excellent thing for trip.
— Wonderful family game
— Kalaha brings luck in trade.

What does it consist of?

— Plenty if different stones: there are some substitutes just in case.
— Wooden board with holes folding in a middle.
— Box with an illustrative instruction.


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