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In “Resistance” boardgame you are the member of the secret uprising organization. Your goal is to accomplish at least three of five possible missions to overthrow the oppressive government. Unfortunately, there are spies in your organization trying to prejudice the success of the plan.

The objecive is to unmask the spies before the missins are over. The game process is as follows: the leader sets the mission team, everyone votes for or against. The chosen team lays success or fail cards face down, at least one fail card means the mission is not complete. The spies win if three missions fail.

“Resistance” greatly develops communication skills. Unlike Mafia, small companies (from 5 persons) are allowed, and all the players stay in game up to the end.

The game contains also “The Plot Thickens” expansion.

— 11 character cards.
— 5 team cards.
— 20 vote cards.
— 10 mission cards.
— 15 plot cards.
— 7 mission markers.
— 1 score tableau.
— Rules.

A game by Don Eskridge.



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