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Only for you

Only for you
2 players 90 minutes From 16 years old


Romantic hit. The best game for a couple by the results of 2011. The box of the game “For You” contains two sealed envelopes: one for him, another for her. Every envelope contains 15 tasks-surprises to be performed for your soulmate. The winner is the one who makes 10 such tasks first. No doubt, the main is not the fact of victory, but the joy the couple receives on their way to it.

What are the tasks like?

Every task is a cute romantic surprise requiring some training, that is why the game lasts from a couple of weeks up to a month. Some of the games require expenses; however, they may be omitted because you have to perform 10 of 15 tasks. The largest part of romantic surprises is exactly what a couple needs to have excellent relations and what settles into romantic canons familiar to us from films. Charming follies, a bit of beautiful stories, pleasant jokes adorning our life and avoiding us from commonness together with some surprises – that is a receipt of ideal love story.

Whom is this game destined to?

— Spouses wishing to refresh their relations
— A new couple: the next month will be full of the most interesting adventures
— As a gift for a couple

What is inside the box?

— 30 card with tasks and detailed instructions of its performance. The size of the card is 145 mm * 91 mm
— 2 envelopes
— Flexible fridgie for accounting
— Round chalk
— Postcard with rules




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