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2-8 players 15-30 minutes From 6 years old


Seize the log immediately!

The goal of the game is very simple: you need to open the cards as soon as possible and seize the log is they coincide. But a cunning Medved has drawn the same pictures on the cards of different color and has added plenty of tiny different detail, that is why one should be not just fast, but also very-very attentive!

What does the kit contain?

The main kit of the game is presented by a log and a pack of square cards. All the cards are distributed between the players and are put on the table face down. One by one the players open the upper card of the pack and put before them. When the cards of two players coincide they try to seize the log as soon as possible. The duel winner gives all his cards except for the upper one. The kit also contains the trip sack, rules in Russian and a cone with pignoli.

Do the cards differ considerably?

Only the image but not the background color is estimated defining the same cards. As a rule, the backgrounds of the same cards are different to make the task more difficult. Besides, the images themselves may differ in details: paws instead of branches, a crack on the tree’s body, etc.

Well, but why everyone seizes the log immediately?

Medved also contains special cards: “hi to everyone” – everyone seizes the log, “hi to neighbors” – only the neighbors of the active player seize the log, “direction change” – cards are opened in another order and there occurs crazy “color duel” when the same cards are those with the same background color only.

How soon may we start?

You need about 45 seconds to understand the rules, as for the game with the special cards – you will need about 10 minutes. The game suites the abstinent parties: if you lose attention you will surely lose. The game trains children’s attention and reaction.

Game components

— A log;
— 80 cards with images;
— Trip fabric sack;
— Rules;
— A cone with real nuts.



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