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Where is it possible to find corporate giftware ideal for everyone?




Is received with awareness of necessity

Is received with pleasure

Is covered with dust soon

Is useful and necessary

Is connected with another company

Is connected with your company

Just remains in the box

Contributes to teambuilding

Makes one to reflect about what to do with it

Causes a lot of positive emotions


A corporate board game


  • Board games present one of the best presents which will suite anyone
  • Personal Company’s game will suite ideally the staff, the customers and the partners. 
  • Your game will be placed conspicuously by anyone whom you gift it. 
  • This game enables to play in it during your activities or just at home.

Do you want to receive this game instead of typical boring promotional gift?


New Year is coming extremely fast. Congratulations! 

  • Boss’s New Year starts today.
  • It is better to get ready beforehand to make special gifts for yourself and for partners. 

You choose your gift yourself: today is the right time to propose the ready variant of New Year promotional gifts and corporate giftware solution. 

What are the variants of board game orders? 

  • Just to make a game order in the wholesale department 
  • To brand the package of some game on your Company’s account 
  • To modify the game completely, attaching the plot to your Company’s activity  
  • To make an exclusive game for your Company 

What’s the cost of exclusive game edition? 

“Mafia” (box, rules, cards):

100 pcs - 350 RUR, 500 pcs - 280 RUR, 1000 pcs - 230 RUR 

“Boom” (box, rules, cards, sandtimer, sack, marker):

100 pcs - 1450 RUR, 500 pcs - 950 RUR, 1000 pcs - 790 RUR 

Herewith the average retail price of the games is as follows: Mafia – 270 RUR, Boom – 890 RUR. 

About Mosigra 

  • The largest network of board games retail shops: 31 cities on the territory of CIS. 
  • Possesses great experience in corporate board games production. 
  • We bring joy, positive emotions and do everything in the right and cool way. 

Head of Corporate Customers Department – Pavel Rusakov

e-mail:, Skype: mosigra_opt, telephone: +7-926-903-29-24