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2-4 players 90-150 minutes From 8 years old


Here you’ve got a famous Russian game, which has become the best strategy of 2011. Your aim is to explore the island of treasures, to find gold and to bring it to the ship until other pirates beat you black and blue and take all your treasures!

How to play?

The groups of pirates and the groups of conquistadors land on the island of treasures and try to find as much gold as possible. Each player manages three sailors, who can move around the island, carry the treasures found, attack enemies and interact with different objects on the island.

What does the field look like?

The field – is one of the main schticks of the game. It is represented by the map of the island, layed out with squares in random order.  When the sailors pass to the unknown area they “turn over” the square and explore the area. This means that with every new set the island will be absolutely different.

Great. Who created the game?

The game was created at the mechanics and mathematics department of Moscow State University in the middle of the previous century. From the mathematical point of view there is a connected graph being formed during the game with different weights of vertex defining the optimal ways of defense and as a rule providing with several directions of rival’s resources attack. Eventuality influence on the game is minor because received graph has a closed amount. In case of game pair vs. pair the influence of local minimums and maximums is equalizing. To understand the true game strategy you will have to play not less than 10 sets.

Oh, so transcendentally. Will by 8-year old child be able to play with his dad?

Sure, despite the complexity of mathematical model the game has very simple rules and vivid illustrations. It suites perfectly for a game in small groups or for children’s systemic thinking.

It’s fine. What version should I choose?

It is edited in two versions: “Premium” with metallic figures, coins of high refining and a filed, and “Standard” with press-carton field and wooden figures. “Premium” version at the moment is the most expensive board game in Russia.

— 117 titles of the playing area
— 4 title of the ship
— 12 sailors’ chips
— 37 coins
— Illustrated game rules


Photo .rar (1.66 mb) rar