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Lifeboat Expansions

Lifeboat Expansions

This is a localization of two amendments of the game “Lifeboard” – “Liquid Courage” and “Cannibalism”. The amendment extend the maximum players number up to 8 persons and introduce new cards into the game. The main modifications have touched upon the personages: there were added Doctor Harter who can use the medicine box without subsequent discarding and Madam Vong who can drink together with any player. New cards were added: fiery water (+3 to the power till the end of go and thirst at the end of go), “Cannibalism” and cards corresponding to the new personages, cards of jams and friendship-hate. The gaming package also contains the rules for the basic game, historical reference and a range of informative materials.

In the expansion:

—    Doctor Harter and Madam Vong cards;
—    Their respective cards of enemies, friends and jams;
—    New navigation cards;
—    Medicine box, “Cannibalism” card  and fiery water  cards;
—    Guideline in the Russian language;
—    Variants of rules, brief description of Madam Vong’s life and tactic recommendations.

A game by Jeff Siadek.


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