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Mindmaze: Young detective

Mindmaze: Young detective

They say that young Sherlock Holmes used to play it
The baby is observant, curios and reasonable? That means this pack is made for him. But even if your child is up in the clouds for the most of the time, the game develops observation, logic and algoritmic thinking. And of course, the whole family enjoys the process.

For two players
The presenter reads both sides of the card and therefore knows the whole story, the one to solve it is allowed to see only the face side with a part of a situation written. Then he tries to find out what actually happened by asking questions with “Yes”, “No” or “Doesn't matter” answers permitted.

For several players

The goal is to clear the situation as quickly as possibe by asking the right questions which are awarded by points gain. So it grows to the young detectives competition, and even daddy can take part.


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