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3-7 players 30-60 minutes From 14 years old


It is an incredibly funny game exploding any party. The plot is the following: one player is ill and delirious, the doctor (the second player) tries to cure him/her while the other players are the good and the bad hallucinations showing the patient some sketches.

Ok, who will act and what to do?

Hallucinations must show the sketch so that the patient will guess the word. If the patient understands the notion he gets an additional score together with a bed hallucination. Good hallucination must try his best so that the doctor will guess the word. The doctor himself doesn’t see hallucinations, so he listens to the patient’s story and tries to understand his diagnosis.

How to discover the patient’s diagnosis?

You should try to guess the topic from which the given word is taken. For instance, there are professions, animals, everything for children, etc. For instance, “driller” means both equipment and profession, so there is enough space for maneuvers. Moreover, the patient doesn’t always understand what he is shown and tells the doctor real drivel.

How cool is it?

It really drives crazy. First of all everyone just laughs at what the patient says, than everyone likes it and start to compete. Also you can use the drugs card (which, for example, can make the patient explain with the mexican accent and gestures), so it is clear how funny it may be.

What does the kit consist of?

—    117 diseases cards: words and topics.
—    20 drugs cards.
—    A list of diseases for a doctor.
—    Playing area for counting points.
—    Sandtimer.
—    Marker pen.
—    Rulebook. 


A game by Intree Studio.



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