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Comparity USSR

Comparity USSR
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2-5 players 20 minutes From 10 years old


Can you guess, what cost more - a glass of soda with syrup or a "Pionerskaya Pravda" paper? What was more cheap - to play one round of "Morskoi Boi" ("Battleship") at the arcade or use public phone at the corner? What worth more - a "Volga" car or your own river boat? In this game you have to compare this and that USSR stuff and try to guess what cost more and what less. A profound skill in bluffing will definitely come in handy.


—    You, if you miss USSR

—    Playing with your parents. They will enjoy it - take our word for it

—    The people, who loves company games with bluffing

—    Long trip

—    As a gift to commie!



—    100 cards

—    Rules·


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