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Jackal. Card game

Jackal. Card game


Yarrr! We’re out of gold! It’s time to and some more! Take your cards – they will lead you to the treasure islands. And they can help you and a way among all treacherous traps that are lying there. Truth be told, there are other pirates who seek the gold just as you do… So you better make it quick, or else you’ll have to share!

How to play

You land on the island with traps and chests full of gold. Use the arrow cards to build the shortest possible route from the Landing tile to the chest. Or else you’ll have to share your gold with other pirates! You can blue and land in secret areas, half-way to the chest. Or you can stay on the ship to save your breath and cards for the next island. A seasoned captain always thinks ahead. Whoever be the richest after visiting 6 islands, will be the winner.

Perfect for:

—    Young and energetic adventure seekers.

—    Playing with the whole family. Young seamen will develop their logic and spatial thinking to become fully ledged captains.

—    Giving as a present to the fans of other Jackal games.

—    Playing on the road, below the sails and in the open air. Take a handy bag with you wherever you want.


—    45 Island cards. Each one of them is a little logic and tactics challenge

—    80 Action cards. The arrows will lead you to the treasure. Black Spots will delay other pirate

—    First player card

—    40 coins

— A handy bag

— Rulebook


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