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Chain letters

Chain letters
2-7 players 30-40 minutes From 8 years old


The objective of the game is putting letters together to make words. Put out all letter pieces on the table, take any, then tether another one to this, lift slightly, find another one letter piece, tether it too - and then again, until either you have a full legitimate word or it falls apart! Simple, quick, fun and very helpful for small motorics and vocabular.



—     Kids and their caring parents

—    All family fun

—    Trip

—    School

—    Playing in cafe, at the picnic or a country residence

—    Children holiday

—    As a gift for kid

—    Developing small motorics

—    Developing intelligence

—    A rematch!

—    Simple and quick!



—    100 hooks (for tethering letters)

—    3 lists with stickers

—    Rules·


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