International Business Development


2-6 players 20-60 minutes From 12 years old


Startup is a game where you will become a young businessman beginning to conquer the world of IT-projects. Your goal is to chose the most perspective directions, to direct the team of employees, to establish partnership and catch any possibility to build your first serious capital.

The game basis is the mechanics of project management: during every turn you distribute the work according to you projects. You personally make one unit of any work, where as your employees – only of sectional one: programming, design, content or management. Your goal is to finish every project in time and get profit from it.

Almost every turn there happens something requiring joint reaction of all participants: either the market changes, or somebody’s project comes to deadline, and so joint work is required, or someone leaves the others behind and threatens everyone to become a monopolist.
The techniques of negotiation are realized well in the game: you may agree upon temporary alliances, outsourcing, joint project performance and many other.


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