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Comparity. Movies

Comparity. Movies
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2-5 players 15-25 minutes From 10 years old



Which episode of the Star Wars was screened earlier - the third or the fourth? Ok, this question is a kind of tricky. And who's gathered the bigger box-office: Tarantino with his "Pulp Fiction" or Besson with his "The Fifth Element"? Not an average movie fan will answer this. But you - will. After playing "Comparity. Movies" for a while, of course.

We gathered a nundred of all times best cinema treasures specially for this game from Disney's "Snow White" to "Harry Potter", and your job is to decide when were they screened first and how much box-office did they gather. Sure think, having a vast knowledge of cinema world is an advantage, but skill in bluffing, intuition and pure luck will also come in handy.



—    100 cards

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