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2-5 players 20-40 minutes From 8 years old


When the Agency closed, sacked agents across the globe started to think what to do next. Without a job to do, they found a good usage for their knowledge, sometimes getting together against each other. You will take the lead of your own faction of highly qualified professionals. Get ready for the betrayal and lies. Forget about mercy and keep the secrets secret. Paranoia will become your best friend!

"Agents" is a simple card game with vast tactics. In a couple of minutes you will learn how to play it, and every match will be more and more interesting. The point of the game is a hard decisions making. Players must sting their agents into rivals factions, complete missions and eliminate opponents to earn more points. The more hard-boiled your rival is, the deeper the game will be.



—    36 Agents cards

—    30 Mission cards

—    36 Points cards

—    5 Sanctuary cards

—    Rules



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