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Conversation. Friends forever

Conversation. Friends forever

Admit it, you know this feeling when you finally gather with your old friends, but don’t know how to start the conversation? And so, you’re all there really happy to see each other, but have nothing to ask except “how’s work?”

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, and your friends also haven’t changed. You just need to grab this box - it is a perfect fuel for a talk. 

Inside you will find 149 cards with various questions for a great evening with your friends.

Take / a card and read the question out loud - that’s a great start! Then a second one, or even a third, and, little by little, the ice is broken! No matter what tomorrow will bring, there has been a great discussion today! Take a card! Then another one!


—    149 questions for a great discussion


When did you have a good laugh for the last time?

What rule have you been following for many years?

Where would you go if you could become invisible?

What would you advise your 20 year-old self?


Author: Irina Kibkalo

Art: Tatiana Mayfat



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