International Business Development


2+ players 10-40 minutes From 10 years old


In the box there are 22 extraordinary stories written on big cards. The leader’s aim is to read to himself the story, to remember it and then to read the nodus aloud. The other players’ aim is to ask “yes” and “no” questions to reveal what has really happened.

So, it is a detective game?

Actually, it is. The chain of questions leads to correct answer sooner or later, but you will have to try your best for it. The more attentive and logical you are, the sooner you will reveal “yes-no”.

How difficult the stories are?

On average, about half an hour for a card in a usual company.

Where may we play?

Everywhere you wish, you don’t need a table. By the way this game is one of the small number of games that suite ideally for playing in car, plane or bus. And you should definitely take this game for a party, in guests or just a small pleasant gift.



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