International Business Development


2-10 players 60-90 minutes From 18 years old


A funny looking game with anime pictures on the cards. About 10 minutes after the start of the first round it is clear that the game will end in light striptease, but this is exactly the moment the will to win is so great that even the shiest persons are ready to go to the end.

Ok, what should I know about ?

— Rather funny in the first round: the players should answer the questions, make simple romantic tasks in terms of socially permitted touch.
— In the next round the players must peel off. Most often no one strips completely, but the company becomes more uninhibited.
— This is a wish game. The wish is made by guys to girls or vice versa. To win the game one should most probably give part of his clothes, but it’s worthy.
— It is much more easier to play for guys.
— The game mechanics presupposes that any shy person may always refuse from task completing, thus losing a chance to win

How to start in a strange company?

To take a half of striptease cards and to put the pack with the “hot” cards somewhere in the middle.

When is better to start the game?

After a couple of other board games in a merry and noisy crew.

What’s the games action?

Actually the players bargain for tasks completing. In the second round you may choose any girl you like (if you are a guy) or vice versa as a goal, i.e. the game is also aimed at making acquaintances in big companies.

What is inside the box?

— 35 cards of the first round: these are simple tasks for warming-up.
— 34 cards of the second round, the goal of the game.
— 105 cards of game currency.
— 20 markers for those who refuse from the tasks.
— Wooden teetotum for defining a pair for the task.
— Trip sack.
— Rules.


Zhara images .rar (19.17 mb) rar