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Conversation. RBK

Conversation. RBK
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Familiarity is the main thing. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a new job, a project to invest in, or a nanny for a child — it's important to be on the same wavelength. Are you just starting to create a network of contacts, or has networking already become a way of life for you? Form social circles, get to know the people around you, and solve personal and professional tasks easily: with the help of a game and a fascinating dialogue.

You have 150 topics to talk about. Gather a company, pull cards, and answer questions in turn to better understand what your friends and colleagues are living, dreaming, and striving for.

Put your phone on mute and get ready for an exciting conversation — nothing brings you together like a sincere conversation in a good company.

—    What influenced your choice of profession?

—    What is more important: in the process or the result?

—    How many handshakes from you to the President?

—    How do you relieve tension and relieve the brain?


—    150 questions for an interesting conversation

—    1 card separator (also known as the rules of the game)