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Hshh! Watch out, main thing is that you don't look back! Maybe IT is just behind your back!

The game is about how you assemble nightmares. It's so gruesome, that half of the things from it you'll later see in a nightmare.You've got cards, from which you assemble night terrors - the more you assemble, the more come to life during the game.

Create unspeakable abominations which will make your opponents mute! Feed them with your fear. Only then you will be able to win and become a new Master of Horror.


For whom this dreadful game:

—    People, who are fond of horror movies.

—    Cthulhu Fhtagn!

—    To play at cafe or on a trip.

—    As a gift for very impressionable person.



—    100 night terrors cards from which you assemble monsters (in threes). As you have already guessed, you can't divide 100 by 3 evenly, so you'll have to put some effort to put together ALL.

—    5 players memory cards, which briefly describe properties of creatures.

—    "Top Secret" marked letter, telling about the Institute of Sleep.

     —    Shorts rules with examples of creature assemblies and usage of nightmare properties. 



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